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Monday, April 27, 2009

Recent comments to "What Makes a Makom Torah?"

I would point out, at the risk of being called petty, that in the journal R’ Shmuel said that Norfolk “will become” a Makom Torah, which is incongruous with the concept that it is intrinsically a Makom Torah.
Perhaps,in a different perspective, the cities where people were Moser Nefesh to keep Torah and Mitzvos, as is the case in Norfolk in the 1800’s in Lakewood when everyone told R’ Aharon he was nuts, in LA where the allure of the glitterai is overpowering, is what energizes the soil to grow a future Makom Torah.

By TH on 2009 04 27

Agreed. The point is that certain places will become Mekomos Hatorah; certain places just don’t have it. Thanks for the comment.

By Sender on 2009 04 27

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