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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Recent comments to "The Small Stuff"

i hate to proofread, but this is really important. 
1.Rav Gustman’s young man was a talmid who was angry at him and didn’t stand up when the Rav came into the beis medrash. (I don’t think he could have slapped him and lived with some of the literal heavyweights in that place).
2. Rav Gustman was 18 when appointed to the Vilna Beis Din
3. They did not kill his wife, or his daughter. They survived the war in the woods, living on berries that rav chaim ozer had shown him and taught him about in a seemingly meaningless walk a few years earlier. The daughter died shortly after the war. The rebitzin lived long enuf that my friend Ruthi remembers her fondly. (Michael Steinberg is a talmid muvhak - and the brother of Dr. Abe who used to visit us in buffalo when he interned at roswell.)

By mommy on 2009 11 16

Thank You. I will need to brush up the details. Here is agreat biogrophical article I just found:

By Sender Haber on 2010 06 11

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