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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Recent comments to "Praying for the Improbable"

Dina was in Potifar’s household? Does the Midrash that says this give a reason or how it knows this? I’ve learned about Yosef marrying a cousin who was in Potifar’s household - did you mean a daughter of Dina?

By AnUncle on 2010 11 09

I stand corrected. It was Dina’s daughter. Thanks for reading.

By S Haber on 2010 11 14

Good piece, however, how does the blog answer the intitial query of the theme of apparrent identity theft, it only addresses a couple of the examples (through prayer)and doesn’t seem to tie in with the others listed in the initial observation/question?

By Daniel Levu on 2010 11 19

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