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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Recent comments to "Makin’ the Minyan"

Well done!

By DEAN CASPER on 2010 12 17

Thanks for your interesting blog!  What a great story.  I have fond memories of living in Buffalo in the eighties, and in particular the Saranac Shul, with your father the Rav.

By Jeff Zucker on 2010 12 19

Thank you for reading. Mr. Sull and I were reminiscing and you came up. He reads reaching regularly and marveled at how it was transcribed from memory every week. Kol Tuv.

By Sender on 2010 12 19

While I did not live there, I too have fond memories of the wonderful people of Saranac. Indeed, we feel the Buffalo influence every day of our lives thanks to your father and Rabbi Moskowitz. I almost (emphasis on almost) wish I could have been there for one of those storms!

By Shimon Katz on 2010 12 19

Thank You. We think of you and Shari and Dovid Asher & ?Lester? & the rest often.

By Sender on 2010 12 19

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