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Monday, May 04, 2009

Recent comments to "Confrumity"

were you feeling negative when you wrote all three? or did you write them all at once?

By th on 2009 05 05

As I good friend of mine pointed out: Lakol Zman Va’es.

In-town people are welcome to stay in-town. In fact many out-of-towners would prefer it that way grin

By Sender on 2009 05 05

my point is this: you can extol the virtues of living out of town, most of which I agree with and am actually planning to actualize with my own move, or you can promote living out of town by putting down people who live in town, their gas stations, doctors offices, and hair coverings. I consider the latter approach negative.

By th on 2009 05 05

Although the quiet, country life is simpler, my theory is that there’s far greater potential for kedusha in the sophistication of city life.

As evidence, take brachos on food. Perhaps counter-intuitively, bread, the product of human sophistication and God given material, is given the most important of brachos.

Yes, it might be more difficult, and individuals who know themselves well should make the appropriate decision. But ultimately the complexity and challenges of city life offers greater potential for kiddush Ha-Shem.


Simon Synett

By Simon Synett on 2009 05 05

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