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The Elements of Jewish Living

"The Gedolim Puzzle" - Comments

1 Avraham Tzvi Mark on 2011 01 28

Kovod HaRav:

While I certainly agree with the point your are making in your essay and I understand clearly that it wasn’t about puzzles per se, the emes is that I have produced five such puzzles in Series I of my Boineh Chizuk puzzles.

The gedolim in the first series are HaRav Yosef Shalom Eliyashiv, HaRav Mattisyahu Salomon, HaRav Chaim Kanievsky, the Shulener Rebbe, and HaRav Ovadia Yosef.

2 Sender on 2011 01 30

Hatzlacha Rabbah! You will be pleased to know that one such puzzle is a top prize at our school’s Brachos Bee.

3 Chaim on 2011 02 12

When Avraham celebrated Yitzchak’s third birthday...

Don’t you mean Yitzchak’s second birthday? (Rashi21:8)

4 Sender on 2011 02 13

R’ Chaim, I stand corrected. Thanks for reading.

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