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The Elements of Jewish Living

"Manscaping and Other Cross-Gender Dress Issues" - Comments

1 Elisha on 2009 08 25

R. Tzvi Hersh,
The ramifications of this post are shocking.  If manscaping is permitted it would seem dying your hair and picking out white hairs should be no different.  In addition cologne and other male hygenic “perfumes” should be permitted. Is that the concensus of the poskim?

2 Gary from YU on 2009 08 25

Yeshivishe Guys dont tend to worry about their hygeine as much as YU guys.  Therefore this post really applies to YU guys.  Everybody should go to YU!!

3 Anne Fesler-Butts on 2011 11 03

How far can a woman adopt the wear of the community standards in clothing? I always wear, for example, Tshirts down to the elbow and denim shorts down to the knee.  Other women here wear shorts; we live in the hot desert.  Is this acceptable?  I have bought a large supply of cotton clothes of this fashion.  (I am sure the supply of cotton to our country will drop sharply soon.) What do I do now?  Thank you so much.

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