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The Elements of Jewish Living

"Gender" - Comments

1 Adam on 2008 03 05

To be honest I have to disagree that women don’t go astray and it is sad that Rabbi’s have to put down other men to defend a BLESSING THAT IS COMPLETELY RABBINIC AND IMPERFECT “MALE” RABBI’S MADE. I may agree with Rabbi’s 80% of the time but not 100%. To they get any advice from their wives about this blessing. THe first story in the bible EVE WENT ASTRAY. Didn’t she? According to these Rabbi’s Adam should have been rewarded for listening to his wife. He was not. HIs wife went Astry and convinced Adam to do the same. WHy did these Rabbi’s have to put down other men and not look at their own imperfections.

2 Al Ibrahim on 2008 06 03

Oh! Perfect job!
Very interesting and useful post.
Thx, your blog in my RSS reader now

3 Shmuel on 2010 05 29

Great article!

“G-d is a combination of male and female attributes.” God is a combination? How about: “God chose to manifest His infinite Oneness to created beings in male and female attributes.” or something.

I think the Maharal was familiar with Kabbalah, and he uses the expression chomer and tzura all the time. Different focus or different audience when using these terms, maybe?

Your new book, Sfiros, is the best!

4 israel on 2014 12 23

Wonderful to hear a kiruv person not resort to feminist apologetics. I don’t consider the Rav Kook piece apologetic. He’s saying men are superior in some ways and women in some. The part that commenter adam objected to, about women not straying, I’m not sure what to do with that. I’m sure that Rav Kook is not saying that women don’t sin. Straying is probably more a big time straying like the golden calf. If man is the influencer, that can happen. However, R’ Hirsch points out that women actually led the way in some of the big time national sins. See Judaism Eternal II, “The Jewish Woman.” I do wonder what R’ Kook would say about that. See Vilna Gaon, Even Shelaimah, 1:2 for more on propensity to sin per gender.

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