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"Bowing and Bouncing in Jewish Law and Practice" - Comments

1 Elisha on 2009 11 13

Rema says one should bow during Hagbah. Shiltei Giborim (Kiddushin 31)writes not to because one should not bow to anything.  This seems to be the same aversion as the Vilna Gaons to bowing in Kaddish.

2 Elisha on 2009 11 13

The Rav said women should not prostrate themselves during the Yom Kippur bowing, because the women in the Beis Hamikdash didn’t bow either.  Teshuvot Beis Avi also discusses this issue (although not from a brisker point of view)

3 MTJer on 2009 11 13

I find it hard to belive that a “scholar” would make such a mistake women were not in the bais Hamikdash on Yom Kippur. RABBI Haber thanks for clearong the confusion until elisha came along

4 ignorant on 2009 11 15

How do you know women werent present in the beit hamikdash on yom kippur? Also perhaps they bowed when they heard the sheim even if they werent there, the talmud teaches us that the high priests voice was heard even in jerico when he cried out anah hasheim?

5 shlomo on 2009 11 18

you are just that. MTJer was saying that it is possible they bowed he was just arguing on the point that they were in the bais hamikdash. either way Rabbi Haber i was wondering if you can tell me how to do it right by vaychulu do you bow by that baruch ata

6 Reb Yid on 2011 11 03

The story is that when the Rav was in Berlin he noticed that the women fell korim on yomkippur. He asked the rav of the shul about this, who replied that it says in the avodah service “vechol ha’am.” To which the Rav replied, finishing the sentence, “ha’omdim ba’azarah,” and since the women were not in the azarah of the beis hamikdash, this was no proof.

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