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The Elements of Jewish Living

"Hearts Of Darkness" - Comments

1 yehoshua on 2010 01 22

Somewhere it says that we will know Maschiach is here when we look at a stranger and see our brother.  Then, too, darkness will give way to dawn.

2 TH on 2010 01 22

See Igros Moshe OC 4:6 second half of the teshuva

3 HA Arnevet on 2012 01 27

"When you can see your brother”
OK - it’s 5 a.m. and I must be at work by 7 a.m.
Alot HaShahar is 6:38.
I turn on electric lights and see my bride and my children, and have sufficient light to read from the sidur.
My choice: follow the rabbis - not the Torah, but the rabbis - and wait until 6:38 (and in the end have to skip the prayers) or don tallit & tefillin and say the prayers at 5:45 a.m. by electric light.
MOST Jews today are NOT farmers working by the light of the sun.

4 Shalom on 2012 01 27

In fact the Rabbis suggest as you have!
hence the “Korach Minyan” in many Shuls where people would not get to work on time if they waited until Alot. I think Rabbi Haber was pointing out how the Rabbi’s were explaining the Torah, at a time when most Jews were farmer’s and waited for the light of day to begin work. And the message holds true today.
Good Shabbos!

5 Deborah Raice Fox on 2012 01 27

What a beautiful message! If only we would all try to see our brother. Mazal Tov!

6 Deborah Mayer on 2012 01 27


Yashar koach!  May we always be able to hear, listen, emphathize, disagree respectfully, display great understanding becausae each one of us has a spark of the Borei in us and must be treated with the greatest sensitivity.

7 Akiva Miller on 2013 01 16

I am curious why you keep using the word “brother” throughout this d’var Torah. What I see in Shulchan Aruch Orach Chayim 58:1 is: “When can you begin davening? When you can see your FRIEND...” Of course it is important to love our fellow Jews as if if they were actually our brothers, but I think your d’var Torah would have been just as meaningful if you had translated it as “friend”. So I wonder—is there another text somewhere, which has this halacha with the word “achiv” instead of “chaveiro”?

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