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The Elements of Jewish Living

Sanctity of Food


Not Just Tenderloin Steak

Rabbi Yaacov Haber

Post Pesach Supermarket Shopping - 2015 / 5775

5775-2015 Edition of which supermarkets you can buy chametz after Pesach
Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Haber

Using Grape Juice for Kiddush

The Parshiyos of Vayeshev, Miketz and Vayigash all involve wine. Is grape juice included in the halachic category of wine?
Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Haber

Yoshon and Chodosh

A halachic examination of the laws of Yoshon and their contemporary applications
Rabbi Tzvi Haber | 1 megabytes | 7 pages

Kavanah - Thoughtful Concentration

Having kavanah while reciting a brocha.
Rabbi Yaacov Haber | 21.3 megabytes | 46 minutes


Laws of making a blessing to learn Torah and saying Hashem's name in vain.
Rabbi Yaacov Haber | 25.6 megabytes | 56 minutes

Washing Hands

The reasons and laws for washing your hands before eating bread.
Rabbi Yaacov Haber | 20 megabytes megabytes | 45 minutes

Soup and Juice

The laws of making blessings on soup and juice.
Rabbi Yaacov Haber | 19 megabytes megabytes | 1 hour

After Brachos

The laws of making blessings after eating. Level: beginner
Rabbi Yaacov Haber | 22 megabytes megabytes | 47 minutes