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Friday, May 24, 2013

Nachash = Mashiach 358

Rabbi Haber, shlit’a, explores with us the similarities between the chet of Adam HaRishon and the “mistakes” of other “potential Meshichim (משיחים)” throughout HIStory. Is wanting to be the closest to Hashem, and therefore like Him, a bad thing? Is trying to be too much like Him the wrong approach to the destruction of the contamination that we ingested because of our “desires/lusts (תאות)”? What happens to those of us who “dare” to come that close to Him without His permission? When we look into the mirror do we see the snake?  We’re here but… The gematria of the Hebrew word for Meshiach משיח is the same as that for the Hebrew word for snake נחש (Nachash) = 358.  Do we need to die in order to completely cleanse ourselves of the contamination of lust that we ingested? Watch and be transformed!

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