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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Kedushas Shabbos Part 117 - Shamor v’Zachor; Cooked (בפנים-within oneself) on Shabbos

Rabbi Yaacov Haber, Shlit’a, prepares us for our Shabbos performance and teaches us how to do our hitbonnenus התבוננות (observance) by taking the gashmius גשמיות (material/physical/corporeality) that Hashem has given us during the week, and also since the Six Days of Creation, and turning those gifts into ruchnius/shamamymi רוחניות/שמימי (spirituality/heavenly); returning our gifts from Hashem back to Him by “cooking” them within ourselves and making them holy. All of the 613 Commandments are for the Remembrance זכור and Guarding שמור of Shabbos and that is our Purpose in the world; shomer- the klal (separate yourself from things that you want - these are the things you should not do (the negative mitzvos) v’zachor -, & the prat פרט (the exceptions)- the things that you should do; the positive mitzvos. The Shomer Shabbos person is the one who stops doing things for himself. Ahava אהבה represents the positive mitzvos & Yirah יראה represents the negative mitzvos.

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