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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Kedushas Shabbos Part 113 - The Components of Mashiach

Rabbi Yaacov Haber, Shlit’a, breaks open the secret of how the mixture or blending of the Malchus, Kingship of Yosef and Dovid was set up in the union of Boaz and Rus. The lineage of Dovid HaMelech: Yehuda & Tamar - the cradle of chutzpah - begot Peretz - the fence breaker/the trail blazer, Peretz begot Chetzron, Chetzron begot Rom, Rom begot Aminadov, Aminadov begot Nachshon - who walked into the water-also a trail blazer, Nachshon begot Salma, Salma begot Boaz, Boaz begot Ovayd, Ovayd begot Yishai, and Yishai begot Dovid - who also inherited traits from Peretz and Nachshon.  This is Dovid’s yichus, lineage which produced the character strength of the King of Israel.  Kingship is the ability to “break out of the fence.” A king must be able to take risks.  There is no kingship in mediocrity.

As between Yehuda & Tamar and Dovid, Melech HaMashiach, why do we need Boaz and Rus? Boaz, according to the Zohar, is called “Tzadik Yesod Olam”, The Righteous Foundation of the World.  This is also the label that the Zohar uses for Yosef. Noach was a Tzadik, Boaz was a Tzadik and Yosef was a Tzadik; all with the character trait of Yesod, foundation.

Boaz received the title of Tzadik Yesod Olam because and at the very moment that he was nokar es habris, meaning that he withheld his personal desire to marry Rus for the sake of doing the right thing in the granary when Rus offered herself to him as a wife. That is why he was compared to Yosef (vis a vis Yosef’s avoiding of the advances of the daughter of Potifar). And at that moment, Boaz combined the Kingship of Yosef with the Kingship of Dovid/Yehuda.

Palti ben Layish was even stronger in his ability to withhold his personal desires for the sake of someone else.  His “wife” Michal, was given to him by her father, King Shaul (who had taken her away from Dovid).  Palti ben Layish placed a two sided sword in the bed between himself and Michal so as not to usurp the wife of Dovid.

The midah of Yosef must come before the midah of Dovid.  What is the tikun for the Aretz?  To be able to reign over the gashmius before the gashmius reigns over you; to reign over your inclinations.The integration of the midah of Yosef into the midah of Dovid; the strength of the Redemption.

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