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Sunday, January 06, 2013

Kedushas Shabbos Part 112 - Ohr HaGanuz: The Sprouting of Mashiach

Rav Haber, Shlit"a, helps us discover how the Hidden Light that Hashem made at the beginning of Creation will be revealed at the End of Days. First there will be an upheaval within the consciousness of the Jewish People to transform itself by struggling against our nature by humbling ourselves before Hashem. The secret of “empowerment” is to tame our negative impulses. This will bring the Malchus out of the filth and dirt of our averos, sins, and result in the Kingship of the Mashiach.

The Ohr HaGonuz, the Hidden Light, was made at the beginning of Creation. It will start to come back as the development of the days of Mashiach comes back.  Things will then start to become more clear.  The joining of Ruth to Boaz, as explained by Rav Haber, according to Rav Tzadok: It was “THEN” - אז that the seed of Mashiach was being planted.  Boaz was a product of Yehuda & Tamar. Ruth was a product of Lot and the daughters of Lot. Dovid was a product of Ruth and Boaz, as well as a product of Yehuda and Tamar & Lot and the daughters of Lot.  The story of Yehuda & Tamar was a parallel story to the story of the selling of Yosef into bondage into Egypt.  Yosef resisted the temptation of bat Potifar.  Yehuda was different.  The next step in Malchus Beis Dovid is Boaz & Ruth.  When Yehuda & Tamar come together, it’s darkness, it’s a mystery, it’s Ohr HaGanuz.  But the hidden Ohr, light is Malchus.  The Ohr of Dovid has to come from a tzemach, sprouting from the dirt. It’s got to be buried or hidden.  We’re waiting for the tikun to come to the point where the Ohr can be revealed.  We have had moments of clarity.  When Mashiach comes he’ll be wearing a begged, clothing with (Oz) אז written all over it. “אז ימלא שחוק פינו - Then laughter will fill our mouths.”

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