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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Heart & Soul

Rabbi Yaacov Haber, Shlit’a, explores the source of the neshama and it’s spiritual and physical manifestation within the Jew. Everything starts with the heart. When it (feeling) starts in the heart, it is then filtered through the brain.  The broken heart is the the Mishkan wherein the Shechina can rest.  But your heart has to be softened (or broken) enough to allow the Shechina to penetrate.  The Kotzker Rav said that “there is nothing more full than a broken heart.” If you survive a broken heart, you’ll be better for it because then your heart is a bigger place for the Shechina to rest. Tears דִמעָות are a product of the heart when it’s not filtered by the brain.  Babies cry because the brain is not developed. When Yaakov Avinu thought he was about to die, he was going to reveal the end of days to his children.  But, the Shechina left him.  He looked at his sons and thought that “something is not working here.” His sons said to him “just as your heart is one, so too, our hearts are one. To which Yaakov answered “ברוך שם כבוד מלכותו לעולם ועד”. In this context, the Rav discusses the Upper Unity [Ychuda Ilaa] (Yaakov) and the Lower Unity [Ychuda Tataa ] (The Shevatim) and the Har Sinai Experience before [Ychuda Ilaa] and after the Chet HaEgel [Ychuda Tataa ]. And then he relates this phenomenon to “before the 3 upper Sefiros” and “after the 7 lower Sefiros (Malchut)”. By examining the divisions between the Upper Point and the Lower Point we can see the map of history playing out. Tying these separations together is OK. It’s Malchut (Kingship) which could even be on a higher level the the Upper Unity.  The Rav then brings it all back to Adam HaRishon before and after the Chet of the Etz HaDaas. Upper Unity is immediate.  Lower Unity can take a few thousand years (to tie everything together). The vessel of pray is your heart!  We must figure out how to activate the koach (Energy) of the heart. Bringing things together requires emotion.

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