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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Recent comments to "Responsible Chinuch"

A powerful message. I personally know several bochurim who are adrift because they received a quality Torah education but no skills or trade to support themselves by. We are in danger of losing their talents both in Torah and in parnassah because of this grievous oversight. A large group of others is in kollel, supported by their parents or in-laws… but who will support their children in kollel? If we don’t educate our children in Torah, Mesorah, AND parnassah we haven’t fulfilled our obligation.

By David Kunkel on 2009 09 29

Reb Chaim Schmelevitz z"l did in fact have a policy of never rejecting anyone from his yeshiva. That is why Mir grew to be one of the biggest and most successful Torah institutions in the world

pc grin

By pc on 2009 10 12

“It is the custom in all of Israel that Torah schools are set up for children until they get older (Bar Mitzvah) at which point we separate out those who seem to have a promising career in Torah. Those that do not seem to have that promise are sent to the professional craftsmen in order for them to learn a trade.”

I’d very much like to know the exact citation for this quote from the Aruch HaShulchan.  Not because I question its authenticity, but because it is so important.

By Chizki on 2010 11 22

Kvod Harav:
Thank you a very important and powerful piece. I would just like to express a possible concern that the description of Rabban Gamliel, the great head of the Sanhedrin, should perhaps be expressed differently. I doubt that he was an “iron-fisted “ bully. Would it not be more correct to say that his approach came from his derech in Torah?

By shana wishnik on 2016 06 14

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