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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Recent comments to "Klal Yisrael at Risk"

I have been reading the biography of Rabbi Shlomo Freifeld, who exemplified this approach. There was room for everyone in his Yeshiva, and he was successful beyond anyones expectations.

By Tzvi on 2008 12 15

R Haber, this was a great post. Kol Hakavod and continue to spread your good work.

By Ron Balofsky on 2008 12 20

G-d bless you and yours.
i agree with the R that the kids must be taught to use the internet responsibly. If not for the internet, people who live in places which have no lawful contact with the chosen people, would not be receiving or learning the 7 noahide laws and the holy torah.
When man made laws have forbidden any form of contact with the chosen nation, the internet, being a borderless world, has over come these laws and brought the light of the holy torah to jews and gentiles, in the most remote and unexpected places in the world.
And this is a blessing from Hashem Himself.

By Anonymous on 2008 12 20

This quote from your post (from the interview) was worth waking up for…
“No one should be an extra. Everyone should feel needed and important---because they are.”

Halevi, this should be the case.

By Neil Harris on 2008 12 20

R. Haber, it seems to me this issue of elitism in Jewish education was not caused by the Holocaust, but was only exacerbated by it.

The issue is an ancient one. In Avot deRabbi Natan, the school of Shammai said, “One should teach only someone who is smart, unassuming, of good lineage, and wealthy.” The school of Hillel disagreed, saying, “One should teach anyone, for there were many sinners in Israel who were brought close to the study of Torah, and whose children became righteous, pious, and good people.”

By Jonathan on 2008 12 21

This article was recently reposted at
There are some interesting comments thee as well.

By Tzvi Haber on 2009 02 26

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