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Monday, January 16, 2012

Recent comments to "Kiddush Hashem in Bet Shemesh"

R. Haber - I have already taken initiative on one of those ideas! I am organizing the second Erev Nashim l’Maan Ahavat Yisrael, IYH at my house on tu b’Shvat. I would be grateful for any assistance the Rav could offer, either by providing names of interested women that I could contact, mentioning the events at shul, etc. May H’ bless our efforts.
Rachel Hershberg

By Rachel Hershberg on 2012 01 17

How come there is no suggestion anywhere to increase the level of awareness of tzniut among the women who live in EY?  The men at Bet are only responding to the “loose” definintion of tzniut that has been going on for years.  How come we forget the mitzvah of living in EY to be holy and dress accordingly in the palace of Hashem?  When Moshiach comes, do you think he will allow every Jewish woman and girl to walk they way they are dressed today?

By Bas Melech on 2012 02 14

Bas Melech!
This is the ultimate in blaming the victim. Do you believe that the correct behaviour toward a women who is clearly a Tinokes Shenishba is to throw bleach at her and break her car windows? Do you believe violence is the correct reaction for the Palace of the King? Do you believe this behaviour is according to the Torah and will bring Mashiach?

By Rabbi Yaacov Haber on 2012 02 14

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