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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Recent comments to "Kedushas Shabbos Part 110 - Distinction and Dissonance: The Path to Unity"

Dear webmaster:

Could you please also include an MP3 with each post? I would appreciate a format I could listen to on the bus.

I know of some free tools that strip the audio off of a video (MP4 or flash). Let me know if I can help.


By micha on 2013 01 01

The Mp3’s are available at

By TorahLab on 2013 01 01

Thanks, but…

The videos are what are on the RSS feed, so I can get them as a podcast. But the device I use to listen to podcasts is a cheap little Sansa Clip+.

Meanwhile, I can manually download the shiurim from the Calendar subtree. But you might get regular listeners if you put the audio on an RSS feed.

By micha on 2013 01 01

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