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Friday, July 11, 2008

Recent comments to "In Honor of Henna Gittels Wedding"

This drasha is just one example why we are so proud, and honored to have Rabbi Sender Haber and his family here in our community.

Mazel tov to you and the rest of your family.

By Helen on 2008 07 11

This Blog is waaay too cool, good work amd Yasher Koach
Rabbi Haber!!!

By shmuel Johnson on 2008 07 12

Hi Rabbi Haber,

I just read your essay titled, In Honor of Hanna Gittels’ Wedding.  It was
quite interesting and moving.  Thank you.  Occasionally I go to TorahLab,
and I always find a variety of things to think about.

This particular essay, though, is so clear and offers such an important
lesson in life.  Having the two perspectives is sometimes the only guide in
difficult times.  Thank you, again.


Len Silver

PS.  I thought that such an essay should not have even a single grammatical
blemish.  I believe that in the 6th paragraph from the bottom, the word,
“Jew’s,” should be, Jews’.  The first means possessive for a single Jew (The
Jew’s cup is full.) The second means plural possessive (The Jews’ cups are
full.) Thank you so much, again, for the essay!

By Len Silver on 2008 07 31

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