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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Recent comments to "I Hit the Kid"

Excellent posting!

By A Simple Jew on 2008 02 29

I related to your words very strongly. It is so important for each one of us to realize that in truth the psychological pain that words or actions cause can be more hurtful than a physical “slap”.
Every occurance happens to awaken in us new understanding, we have to appreciate when the lesson is learned without a permanent result.
May you find comfort in your positive reaction and action to the occurance.


By Rabbi Yaacov Haber on 2008 03 02

I am sorry you had to go through that experience, but we all gained from your insight and thank you for sharing it.  I have a parent yahoo support group that i will be forwarding it to. especially since parents of special children tend to have more frustration and need to be so much more careful.
Thank you,

By arpleder on 2008 03 03

Or maybe there was a din le-ma’alah that this boy had to be hit by a car—and the hamtakah was that he would be hit at slow speed by a tzaddik and not sufffer any serious injury!

Thanks for being the “right shaliach,” and may you suffer no more from your memory of this accident.

By Dovid on 2008 03 04

It takes tremendous courage to SHARE such an experince and one which you must have toyed with whether to make public due to the potential judgements of others (even though it was not your fault). You have been bold in sharing this and have drawn a powerful lesson for us all. Shkoach and Shabbat Shalom.

By Daniel Levy on 2008 03 14

thanks much, guy

By Gabriellz on 2008 03 20

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