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Friday, January 04, 2013

Beginnings Part 9 - Yishmael & Yitzchak: The Missing Blessing (Video)

Rabbi Haber teaches how there is an amazing parallelism between the story of Yishmael and the story of Yitzchak.  In this shiur, the Rav exposes the difficulties that Avraham, Sarah and Haggar had in the struggle to determine the destiny of the world.

The universalism of Yishmael (and Avraham) vs. the constricted approach of Yitzchak (and Sarah) to Hashem’s plan for the world is the background to the whole problem of the “Missing Blessing.” Hashem makes it clear, says the Rav, that there is “No Two State Solution” and that the yerusha of the Jewish People (the centerpiece of creation) must go through Yitzchak.
Hashem told Avraham to “Listen to your wife!” Sarah‘s vision was the correct one of completing the mission of correcting the chet of Adam HaRishon by starting with the “family” (the place where the tikun really must occur) rather than Avraham’s universal approach of trying to m’karev the whole world to the belief in Hashem. But, nevertheless, Yishmael will make G-d “known” to the world. However, Avraham was so confused about upon whom to confer the yerusha to which he was entrusted (that would fix Adam’s sin for the purpose of getting the whole world to believe in Hashem) that he never blessed either Yishmael or Yitzchak. The universalism approach of Mashiach ben Yosef vs the building of the eternal Beis HaMikdash (focusing on the family) of Mashiach ben Dovid is how the Rav sums up this story.

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