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"Walking In His Ways – The Footsteps of G-d" - Comments

1 MTJster on 2009 09 25

I liked the thought, I just don’t understand one aspect. For some reason you make it seem like walking in the way of Gd and emulating him are two different things. I understand that common sense would warrant such a differentiation, but often our natural orientations are perverted. From simply reading the text the Rambam seems to say that the middle path IS considered walking in Gd’s path which IS considered emulating him. He uses the same wording as the Gemarah in Shabbat, “just as he is merciful so to you shall be merciful...” and he uses that very terminology to describe the middle path. I would then venture to say that the middle path IS the way of Gd.

2 TH on 2009 10 13

My point was
a)that Hashem doesn’t have a middle path, he just has a path. and
b) even if that middle path is the path of Hashem that is not neccesarily emulating the middos of Hasem, in terms of rachum etc.
Ultimately of course, you are correct that they are all inter-connected, but its not all the same.

3 MTJster on 2009 10 14

I’m sorry but I didn’t understand the answer.” They are all inter-connected, but not the same” I don’t get it. From what I see it would seem quit rational to say that although we can not acquire every characteristic of Gd to the degree that he has. He has set a certain paradigm for us, which according to the Rambam is the middle path. Even though we could physically do more. By following this “middle path” we are following the Path of GD

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