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The Building Blocks of Jewish Knowledge

"Mishnah" - Comments

1 Avi Lazarus on 2007 09 20

I thought the article was very well written with plenty of interesting information about the Mishnah. I would like to see another article, if possible by the same author, on the workings of the Oral Law.

2 john w mcginley on 2011 12 20

Rabbi Meir:
Yes, at one time a student of Rabbi Aqiba.  But it seems that over time he came to have an antipathy towards Aqiba.  Indeed in Genesis Rabbah he is cited as ALWAYS supporting the adjudications of Rabbi Ishmael and NEVER supporting (or even citing) the adjudications of Rabbi Aqiba.

Rabbi Meir (whatever his real name might have been) is cited by name in the Mishna often enough.  But he was also, albeit anonymously, the “Tanna Kamma” of the Mishna and in that role played a tremendously large role in guiding the give-and-take of Mishnaic disputes in favor of Rabbi Ishmael and against Rabbi Aqiba.  In this function he seems to have had the support of Rabbi Judah ha-nasi and, ex post facto, was it not Rabbi Judah who --- after Meir went “East"” made sure that Meir’s adjudications were sustained in the final redaction of the Mishna?

It seems that “Meir’s” authority was SO respected that even when there was a clearly articulated disagreement between Meir and Rabbi Judah, BOTH ADJUDICATIONS, EVEN THOUGH THEY DISAGREED, COULD BE HELD AS VALID.

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