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The Building Blocks of Jewish Knowledge

Milestones in Jewish Philosophy Learning Kit

By TorahLab

Milestones in Jewish Philosophy, based on a lecture series by Rabbi Yaacov Haber, presents a fascinating perspective on Judaism’s intellectual journey through the past thousand years. It describes how the teachings of great Jewish thinkers characterize the periods from which they emerged, and how they contributed to a maturing sense of Judaism from era to era. This unique integration of philosophy and history provides a broad context for discussing the issues relevant to contemporary Jewish thought.

The Teacher’s Edition contains materials for teachers and participants. Incorporating years of research and experience into the design, Milestones in Jewish Philosophy contains everything a teacher needs to present a course that will engage the interest of adult learners and stimulate a desire for further study. A five-part audio presentation corresponds toa visually packed companion notebook filled with images, sources and support information.

The course is divided into five sections, each focusing on a particular personality and his era:

* Debating God’s Image - Maimonides
* The Rise of Kabbalah - Cordovero
* The Aftermath of False Messiahs - Luzzatto
* Pure Intellectual Judaism - Vilna Gaon
* Blending Intellect with Spirituality - Reb Tzadok HaKohein

The course material is presented by Rabbi Yaacov Haber in lecture format on a series of five audio CDs. This audio design offers a simple way for teachers to absorb the course content. The CDs are divided into tracks for easy referencing and review. They can be conveniently listened to at home, at the office, or in the car.

Each participant in your course receives a notebook corresponding to the lecture material. This supplement is packed full of essential information, important references, colorful illustrations, and plenty of room for taking notes. These notebooks maximize participation and involvement.

The Teacher’s kit contains a CD-Rom which has all of the sources referred to on the audio discs in Hebrew and in English - great for class handouts! It also includes a course outline in “Word” format that you can edit, print and use as your own personal lecture notes.

Teacher’s also receive a full color, 11x17 poster for advertising the course, which will be customized to include your specific logistical information. Additional posters can be ordered for placement in synagogues, community centers, university campuses, etc.

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