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The Essential Component of Jewish Continuity

Having Children



One of the major factors that go into the secular decision-making process is "quality of life". This refers to the quality of life of the yet " unborn child " the feeling that allowing the child to be born and suffer would be a ruthless act. From a halachic point of view, the welfare of the child is not at all a consideration. We cannot terminate a life or a potential life because we deem it to be of poor quality. The exception to this might be a fetus that does not and will not develop a brain. From a halachic point of view, this fetus will never be considered a nefesh and an abortion would be permitted. If, however, the newborn will be considered a person, i.e. nefesh but with an extremely poor quality of life, then we cannot on that basis decide to terminate its life. It would not be within the authority of a parent to decide to terminate a life, and certainly not the decision of the doctor. Even a person who himself is in great pain is forbidden to terminate his own life. The only one who can make this decision is God. As far as the life of the child goes, we must leave this one to God.

In Vitro Fertilization