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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Recent comments to "When Tisha B’Av is Shabbos"

Thank you TH. Also, no Tzitzada Tzedek and probably no Av haRachamin.

Do you have to be careful about Seuda Shilishi not running over time into Saturday night?

By -ur on 2012 07 25

Good points all.
No Tzudkascha Tzedek
Yes Av Harachamim
One must make sure to stop eating before sunset.

By TH on 2012 07 25

Thank you for this overview.
But why is there no Besamim, either Motzei Shabat with the candles, or , not ideal, Sunday night.
People here are offering snuff - Shmek Tabak - all day long, so smelling nice things is obviously not considered eating.

By Jul Kornbluth on 2015 07 24

I think it is skipped because it is meant to serve as solace to losing Shabos ‘neshama’. No solace this night and the feeling of loss is already gone by morning. I’m pretty sure Besamim is only said Motzei Shabos if for some reason Havdala is missed throughout the year.

By ur on 2015 07 25

I don’t understand why you only change your shoes after Borchu (during Ma’ariv).  If you’ve made Havdalah with a candle at home before going to shul for Ma’ariv and Eicha, then Shabbos is well and truly over and Tisha B’Av has started so how can you wear your leather shoes to shul?

By Megan Levy on 2015 07 25

Jul - I agree with UR’S assessment re besamim.
Megan - You’re 100% right. The article was written with the assumption that one was in Shul, and the blessing of Eish isn’t rexited until after Maariv, as that is the assumption of the Rema. If you’re home you should change immediately at the conclusion of Shabbos. I will edit the article for clarity

By TorahLab on 2015 07 27

Can we take a shower Friday morning?  Can we take a cold shower Shabbos afternoon to wash off dirt and sweat?

By David Gross on 2016 08 12

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