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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Recent comments to "The Right Way to Light the Menorah"

well, this one needs to be a little more inviting. it looks boring, so i didn’t even really read it. but you did a good job. a few typos. and the picture on the front page (it is on the front now) is nice - just the bio one is very collegiate. so keep up the good work, but make it a bit more interesting looking in the format. shorter paragraphs, a bit of dialogue. maybe a short story? i know its halacha, but y’know rav scheinberg told some great stories in his mishna brura shiurim.  love mommy

By mommy on 2008 12 23

What if you are a college student living in the dorms? The rules prohibit open flames in the residence halls. The Hillel has arranged a spot to light in the lobby of the Hillel building, where the kosher meal plan is situated, so we fulfill the requirement to light in the place where we eat, but what if my rabbis were insistent on lighting in the place where we sleep?  Should I buy a glass walled aquarium for $40 (which will hurt my student budget) and light outside the residence hall for the 30 minutes and wait there or may I light in the Hillel? If I light at the Hillel, there is the potential to have many chanukiot lit at once. Wouldn’t that be an issue of a large fire and not the Hanukah lights?

By tzvi on 2009 12 09

According to Rav Aharon Kotler dorm-dwellers may light where they eat, so lighting in the room you eat in at the Hillel would work. Rav Moshe Feinstein would have preferred you light outside your dorm room. So if your Rabbi’s are insistent they are probably paskening like Rav Moshe. It is a segula for good kids!!

By Tzvi Haber on 2009 12 09

I live at the -3 level of a villa. My door and my windows are on the back side of the house and can’t be seen by anyone unless someone comes to visit me. I’ve put my hanukia in my window because it is the best place for me to view it. (I did have a visitor the other day who admired it.) I could put it on my upstairs neighbor’s mirpeset if this is a better way to fulfill the mitzvah. What is your opinion?

By Dvorah on 2009 12 15

You definitely should light in your house not your neighbors. The only question is the window or near the door. Rav Moshe Feinstein would say the window is always better, others say by the door. I would say if you can see it better by the window do it there.
Alternatively, you can light outside by the entrance from the street.
One more note - if you live alone you should make sure to light at the proper time in order to be able to make the blessings according to most authorities.

By TorahLab on 2009 12 16

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