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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Recent comments to "The Obligation to Review the Weekly Parsha"

Great article. What is the deadline for missed parshiyos. Also (related), does shnayim Mikroh need to be done in order or can I do this week and then go back to previous weeks?

I am troubled by the scale on your left. It appears to empty, yet fully weighted down. Furthermore, The vertical and horizontal lines are perpendicular leading one to the conclusion that the scale is just for show and not for actual use.

By Sender on 2009 01 01

deadline is Simchas Torah. you should do the current weeks’ and then the missed ones.

By TH on 2009 01 06

forgot the scale - as you astutely observed, it’s not for actual use, just show

By th on 2009 01 06

That’s bad. We should be honest in our actions, not just in how we portray ourselves to the world.

By Sender on 2009 01 06

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