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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Recent comments to "The First National Mitzvah"

Rabbi Haber, a lovely Dvar Torah. Just once comment, Abbie Hoffman was not a hippie! He was an American Patriot who helped end the Viet Nam war.

By ta on 2014 01 03

I just learned that as the blessing of the moon is making direct contact with the shechinah, if one can only do one mitzvah then the blessing of the moon trumps them all as all other mitzvahs goals are to attempt to accomplish what blessing the new moon does.
see the Rambam’s comments on it and also how he would perform the mitzvah.
Oh and by the way Abbie Hoffman was a YIPPIE. And he may have worked to end the war but I don’t think he was a patriot because he did not have such a love for his country. Sad end of life is waht he had.

By Martin Fine on 2014 01 08

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