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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Recent comments to "Priorities in Tzedakah"

Thank you very much for your enlightening and helpful article. Your refreshing views on various topics in Jewish Law never fail to captivate me. However, i would really appreciate if you would quote the sources for your rulings. My previous experiences with other such similar blogs have led me to take all the information that I recieve with a grain of salt. Often I have found that much of what I have read is in reality contrary to the ruling of the Shulchan Aruch, and many times not in accordance with the majority view.Therefore, I would like to encourage you to please quote the sources for your rulings. Thanks, and keep up the great work.

By chester on 2009 02 17

Chester.  Your comment was very appropriate but rabbi haber is much more reliable than the average blog. I personally know he exerts much effort and research into his blog.

By thomas on 2009 02 18

i think that you must give something that doesnt embaress him not just a pittiance there is an ani where i lve that if you give him less then a dollar he throws it back at you

By shlomo on 2009 02 19

Shlomo, in your case, besides for the Mitzva of Tzedaka which requires you to give a pittance, the Mitzva of Chessed says you should give him more than that so he shouldn’t throw it back at you!

By Chaim on 2009 02 19

The Pnei Shlomo in BB 8 (I think) says that if a poor person throws the money back at you he is an ani aino hagun and you shouldn’t give him tzedaka

By TorahLab on 2009 02 19

Rabbi Haber,
i was doing some research and came across your article - maybe you can help me. If there is a mitzvah year round to give every ani tzedakah then what is special about purim?

By izzy on 2009 02 22

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