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Friday, January 08, 2010

Recent comments to "Netilas Yadayim - Ritualistic Hand Washing Part II"

Doesn’t the “chumrah” of washing a 4th time not jive with the idea that ruach raah is less today and that it has halachic significance that it is less?

By YC on 2010 01 08

Indeed, it would seem to be a contradiction within the practices of the GRA. The 4th time thing is recorded in Maaseh Rav and may have predated the Avraham ben Avraham incident. Alternatively - the GRA himself did not say the halachos are now abolished, rather that there is less ruach raah, but he may have not changed any halachic practices based on this.

By TorahLab on 2010 01 08

Thank you and that is the GR"A lishi’taso, nevermind the nature of Ruach Raah, Halacha remains same

By YC on 2010 01 08

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