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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Recent comments to "Matzoh Before Pesach"

Well written, as always. Just a thought based on common sense; stopping to eat Matzos within 24 hours of Pesach hardly seems like much of a sacrafice. So that minhag seems inappropriate; most people do not eat matzos that much to begin with.

By Chaim on 2009 03 12

I couldn’t decide whether or not to make Matza Balls for Shabbos until I read your blog.  Thanks, I’m sure we’ll enjoy them.

By Chamie on 2009 03 13

i always wondered where the custom came from to abstain from eating Matzah starting from as early as Purim. thanks again for your very informative blog.

By an. on 2009 03 20

What is the source of the prohibition from Torah SheBichsav?

By Ariel on 2017 04 03

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