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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Recent comments to "Learning Torah On Purim"

R’ ZH Haber,

You open this essay, “The Ramchal writes (Derech Hashem Chap. 7), in explaining the Moadim, that the Jewish calendar is cyclical, not linear.”

I see where the Ramchal says the first part of this statement (cheleq 4, ch. 7, par. 6), but I can’t agree with its ending. In other words, yes, the Jewish calendar is cyclical, but I do not think we can deny that Judaism also sees time as linear.

If it were up to Plato or the Mayans, there would be no notion of progress and each year would be expected to be much like the one before. The notion of history as a progression from Adam’s sin (really, from slightly earlier—Chava’s sin) to messianic redemption (ge’ulah) comes from the Torah. The progression descelerates as each generation has less to contribute than the ones before, but still, there is a linear element.

Each Pesach is both a revisiting of the original Exodus, and expected to be on a higher plane than last year’s revisit.

Maybe we should say Jewish time is like a spiral staircase?

By micha on 2013 02 22

Point well taken.
Thank you

By TorahLab on 2013 10 21

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