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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Recent comments to "Friday Night Blessings"

In Baltimore, Rabbi Dinowitz ZTL of Ohel Yaakov used to bless the congregation on Shabos. Don’t reliably remember when, think it was after Oleinu.

I have been to many, many different houses on Friday Nights. The vast majority of parents did not bless the children. AFAIR, The ones that did, just about all of them had the mother blessing as well.
There was no connection in background that I could discern as to who did or didn’t.

By R.P on 2009 01 11

My family has always said the Bracha Friday night. However, the Rama in 128 writes clearly that it is forbidden for a non-cohein to give birchas cohanim in any setting. The Biur Halacha is very clear on this. Although the Biur Halacha finds a ‘way out’ for those who transgress this Issur, he makes no mention of weekly habits. It should not be surprising if the minhag, laced as it is with issurim De’oraisa, didn’t catch on.
Ironically, everybody gives the bracha on Erev yom Kippur, a time when we should be most careful and punctillious in our halachic observance. Go figure.

By Sender on 2009 01 12

at rav scheinberg’s minyan on friday night (zol ir zien gezundt), all the kids went to him for a brocha. (one hand) i know of at least one incident where this brocha saved the child’s life - the rosh yeshiva did not like how the child looked, and insisted the father take the child to the doctor. the leukemia was caught in the very early stages.

By BH on 2009 01 14

Possibly because people are hungry and blessing a large family can take a long time, therefore the custom never caught on.  The Chofetz Chaim famously omitted singing eishes chayel and shalom aleicheim for that reason.

By EF on 2009 01 15

Just came accross the Avnei Nezer that tells us that if we bless our children with only the right hand (chesed) then they will be missing the keli which the left (tzimtzum) provides. Tricky buisness!

By RYH on 2009 05 28

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