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Friday, October 23, 2009

Recent comments to "Fish and Meat"

A couple additions:
I’ve since learned that fish and butter is not at all commonplace among Sefardim, although there are Poskim who permit it.

I saw in the name of the Chasam Sofer that one need not be concerned about the issue at all, like the Magen Avohom, and unlike popular minhag.

By TorahLab on 2009 10 25

why do no non jews or irreligious jews ever die or get sick from eating fish and meat?

By elisha on 2009 10 27

Reb Tzvi
Your writing style has changed since you switched coasts, could be the climate or time zones. A few points, 1 Elisha welcome back your comment as usual mocks Yiddeshkiet and reeks of kefira.2 As for the question the Chassam Sopher (Y.D. 101)answers it based on a Gemara (I won’t tell it to you that way maybe you will look it up and mitoch shlo lishma ba lshma)Also Reb Tzvi in that tshuva it seems blatant that he argues on the Magen Avrohom. As a side note I recently asked your Rebbe if you may lchatchila cook open fish with something you will eat with meat and he said yes. Also we need to know about the O.J. and the salami so we may eat right .

By MTJer on 2009 10 27

someone stole my name

By The real MTJster on 2009 10 28

Reb Tzvi
A great injustice has been done on your website someone has stolen my identity and pasted it off as there own. The MTJster of this post is not the same MTJster that we have grown to love. I think that your next blog should be about the issur of identity theft, it probably can be conected to the issur of kidnapping. please keep me posted

By TherealMTJster on 2009 10 28

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