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Friday, June 05, 2009

Recent comments to "Fingernail Fun Facts"

The Arizal was known to cut his fingernails and toenails on Erev Shabbos. Reb Chaim Vital reports on this and his son writes that it was based on Sod. (Sefer Hakavanos, quoted in Machazik Bracha)

By Sender on 2009 06 05

(I did not find the Yalkut Shimoni quoted to be clear on this)

By Sender on 2009 06 05

Thanks. Very interesting.

By Rayzel on 2009 06 05

So I can tell my wife she’s not allowed get a manicure and pedicure for 9 months? That can save thousands$$$$$ - unfortunately she calls before and has them sweep first.

By David on 2009 06 05

Rabbi Haber
i didnt notice anything about washing your hands afterwards and if what sbout if you bte them is there an order and iif bchlal itis mutar

By shlomo on 2009 06 08

according to the ran that explains that women will be repulsed by nails on the floor what is the difference if the location has been moved

By felix on 2009 06 19

"The order he gives is 42531 for the left hand and 24135 for the right.”

Wherein #1 of each hand is its thumb?

By BB on 2009 06 19

Shlomo - I guess we have to do a part 2!
Felix - good question, that is according to the other shitos that there is a sakana.
BB - correct

By TorahLab on 2009 06 20

Does anybody really believe any of this nonsense?  Little demons living in my toe nails? Miscarriages upon seeing nail clippings? Gevalt, people, toss the midieval superstitions and get real.

By Aharon on 2009 09 03

If you believe it its true. I have seen for myself a miscarriage b/c of it - the frum cleaning lady in yeshiva had one and it happens that the bochurim in the dira were not at all careful to dispose of the nail clippings properly. needless to say after the incident it was done K’halacha......

By David on 2009 09 03

Well, that proves that some people will believe anything.
Calling P.T. Barnum…

By Aharon on 2009 09 04

Does it mean when she steps on it barefoot or even wearing shoes?

By Sean on 2009 11 18

the accepted understanding is even when wearing shoes.

By TorahLab on 2009 11 20

I heard that we do not look at the thumb because before the cheit with the eitz hada’as, Adam did not need to work for his bread, and therefore opposable thumbs were not necessary for humans. Only after the cheit, did we need to do work. Therefore, the thumbs serve as a reminder of the cheit, so we hide them when we look at our fingers at havdala.

By Freddy on 2015 04 09

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