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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Recent comments to "Erev Pesach Matzos"

Very well written as usual. I just want to call into question your reference to the custom of the great talmudic scholar Norman Lamm. Although the man is clearly a noted scholar, it would seem that quoting his customs on a Halachic blog discussing the nature of a one thousand year old dispute is absolutely rediculous. If you are going to quote recent day customs of our Torah leaders, I can think of a few more qualified individuals.

By why "lamb" on 2009 03 20

rabbi lamm has come to be associated with passover in recent years such as the famed “gifter slaughters lamm” therefore it is appropriate to quote him regarding passover.  I have heard from the jikover rebbe of flatbush that internet is seor shbeisa therefore it must be burnt.

By elisha on 2009 03 22

i looked on the hassidic velts 50 most influential rebbas list and i dont see the jikover. I belive that you are a kanoei and made it up there are many wonderful things about the internet such as this blog and countless others along with shiduchim that were only made because of the internet. If you belive it is osur you should practice what you preach and not use it

By shalom on 2009 03 24

why lamb
I couldnt agree with you more it would be much more appropiate to quote Rav Gifter or Rav Svei zatzal. In fact lilui nishmas HaRav Svei we must remember how he stood up against all sonei lomdei Torah.

By why lamb indeed on 2009 03 27

The dispute between R. Svei zt’l and R. Lamm is to be viewed as one of the great battles lshem shamoyim, such as the dispute of the Gra and the Baal Shem Tov.  Both sides fought for the greater glory of Torah and both men should be quoted on this blog.  Rabbi Haber is to be commended for doing it right and quoting all orthodox-Jewish thinkers.

By jikover rebbe on 2009 03 27

"jikover rebbe”
1 day you are a kanoi and the next day you compare Rabbi Svei to norman lamm their names show the difference only 1 of them was lshem shamayim the other is like a pesach lamb that is brought shelo lishma. Pasul.

By shalom on 2009 03 27

why are you presuming to know who is lshem shomayim?  Are you a great psychologist like the renowned Dr. Mandelman of Yale?  If not, you don’t know the hidden motives of people that well.

By Jikover rebbe on 2009 03 27

i am glad you dropped the title rebbe. I did not speak to Dr. Mandelman of Yale however it is duite obvious that anyone who mocks bnei hayeshivos isnt lshem shamayim

By shalom on 2009 03 27

your comments are so futile they dont even deserve a response. it is evident that the natural boredom that is experienced during bein hazmanim for students in yeshiva has taken its toll on you. i suggest a 2 week job or a chavrusah. good luck.

By u r bored on 2009 03 27

In order to deal with the issue of boredom of yeshiva students during vacation some Yeshivos, such as MTJ, Rabbi Haber’s yeshiva, refrain from giving any bein hazmanim.  But of course such a demanding schedule is too difficult for most yeshiva students.  For students on vacation, instead of a chavrusa, they could visit art museums and university libraries.

By elisha on 2009 03 29

good point elisha. i just have one question for you. how can you suggest that you dont have bain hazmanim in mtj if i personally learnt many hours with your first seder chavrusa on sunday. i guess you must have decided to go to art museums and university libraries.

By e"lie"sha on 2009 03 30

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