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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Recent comments to "Eating Dairy on Shavous (or Who Moved my Cheesecake)"

"The Mishna Berura paskens like the Magen Avrohom that one may have the milk and then the meat in the same meal. This would definitely satisfy the Rema.”

How does this satisfy the Rema? The Rema requires 2 meals with 2 breads and in this scenario there is only one.

By Mark Frankel on 2009 05 28

The halacha is that one can’t use the same loaf of bread for a milk meal and a meat meal. I alluded to that, but not clearly enough. I apologize. It seems from the Mishna Berura that the Rema would prefer the two breads eaten as closely together as possible.
Interestingly, the MB brings an opinion that the bread for the dairy meal should be baked with butter so that it cannot be used for the meat meal under any circumstances. The issue of baking dairy bread is for a different post.
Thanks for your comments, Good Yom Tov

By TorahLab on 2009 05 28

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