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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Recent comments to "Buying Chametz after Pesach"

A truly wonderfully written infromative post, you are to be commended.  Many of these questions were very hazy in my mind, and your comments greatly helped me.  It seems Divie Providence has selected R. Teitz of Elizabeth to play a major role in this mitzva.  I can say from having gone to his school and spent some time around his community that he is a wonderful man.

By Elisha on 2009 04 17

And good news, Kosher for Pesach products at Ralphs is on sale! Stock up for next year!
On a more serious note, excellent explanation of the buying back chametz process.

By Anon on 2009 04 20

Rabbi Abadi told me you are not required to inquire into the ownership of the store and wether they sold their chametz. That said this would force most consumers into a sofek. Since this is derabbanan it would be sofek derabbanan lehakil.

If you know that it was avar bepesah by a Jew then it would be forbidden.

By Shimon on 2010 04 27

And one should also know that once a company like Associated and White Rose becomes owned by large numbers of retailers throughout the country, one may assume that the majority are not Jewish. Many of the wholesalers like C & S are more involved in financing the acquisition, rather than actively taking posession.

By Jimmy's friend on 2013 04 03

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