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"The Torah’s Approach to Conversion" - Comments

1 Hanna Tsavdaris on 2008 11 19

A large mixed multitude went out with Israel from Egypt, Shemot 12:37-38.  Hashem ambraced them, Shemot 22:20. Also,Moshe had invited Yethro to join them, Bamidbar 10:29. If I am not mistaken this certainly looks like an invitation for conversion to me.
“Moses said to Hobab son of Reul, the Midianite, the father-in-law of Moses,"We are journeying to the place of which HASHEM has said ,"I shall give it to you,"Go with us and we shall treat you well, for HASHEM has spoken of good for Israel."I could supply you with more scriptures if you wish.

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