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"The Challenge of Chosenness" - Comments

1 Shmuel Miller on 2010 05 07

Yasher Koach once again Rabbi Haber. Your Divre Torah and Torah resources are most inspiring and thought provoking.

Berov Hakaras HaTov,


2 David Kunkel on 2010 05 07

A difficult drosh. Why? Because in the news media of the world and in the eyes of many, we are indeed beating and kicking innocent people: the Palestinian Arabs. If there is but the tiniest shred of truth to that argument we collectively as Jews must hang our heads in shame. I hope this is a lesson of love, tolerance, forgiveness and above all, strict adherence to our superior moral code, for all of us.

3 Yehoshua Ben-Eliyahu on 2013 05 03

No reason to hang our heads.  It’s the media and the anti-Semites who want us to do so.  Am Yisrael Chai!  We finally have an army and an air force, in order that no more chosen Jews can be kicked without consequences.

4 bobby minkoff on 2013 05 05

May it be Hashems will and may He provide us with the strength and wisdom to live up to our being chosen. Currently our report card is poor and needs improvement.

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