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"Office Parties - the expanded version (also covering entering Non Kosher Venues)" - Comments

1 shlomo on 2010 12 21

which IM matirs a resturant in soome cases

2 shlomo on 2010 12 22

Rabbi Haber
I was wondering if there is no gezaira bmakom hefsed why do you need the 2 conditions

3 Tzvi Haber on 2010 12 22

1)all IM’s are referenced in the article.
2) that’s a great question - I’d imagin RMF wanted to minimize the maaris ayin as much as possible, but didn’t fell that telling everyone was a good enough heter unto itself.

4 Chaya Valery on 2010 12 27

Dear Rabbi, i went through a live experience of your drasha, and let me tell you that it was hell. you may wish to google my story under “valery labranche discrimination” and you will see. to live the halakha can be very, very, rough.

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