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The Network of the Jewish People

"The Company Man" - Comments

1 Yehuda Konigsberg on 2010 04 30

I remember when I first started wearing a kipa, there are people who thought I was a rabbi even before I knew anything about Judaism. Big responsibility!

2 yehoshua on 2010 04 30

Very interesting idea, the all or nothing approach.  It seems a little too musar oriented for some and could be a stumbling block for those raised in a secular background who are just beginning to discover Yiddishkeit.  And who amongst us can lay claim to living completely for Kiddush HaShem?  If we really wanted to live for Kiddush HaShem, wouldn’t we be involved in outreach 24/7?  Still, a very thought provoking subject.  Thank you for bringing it forward and Shabbat shalom.

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