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"“Just Kill Me Now!”" - Comments

1 Chaim on 2007 09 02

Did Moshe Rabbeinu not also argue against Hashem’s plan to annihilate?

Did his unique opportunity to pray include pointing out that such a plan could not be consistent with the Oaths and Prophecies / Brochos to the Avos?

Is advocate part of the job description?

2 Pesach Schwartz on 2010 05 28

Beautiful thought this week, but I do struggle with the line -

“It was so ugly that Moshe said to G-d"…

With all due respect, I am not sure that we should be defining/commenting Moshe Rabbeuinu’s position as “so ugly”.

3 Rabbi Yaacov Haber on 2010 05 28

It doesn’t refer to Moshe’s position. The statement of the people “you have done nothing for me” was an ugly statement. Don’t you agree?


4 Sarah Leah on 2010 05 28

The midda to ‘do the right thing just because it is the right thing’ is an important one that will take us far in life for sure.

5 Feivel Peltz on 2010 05 28

A poignant dvar Torah. Very timely and inspiring; thank you.

6 Pesach Schwartz on 2010 06 08

I apologize I misunderstood the sentence.

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