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"Hagbah and Gelila" - Comments

1 Chaim on 2011 01 13

Rabbi Haber, Mazel tov to you and your lovely rebettzen on the birth of your new nephew!
You forgot the most important part of Hagbah - don’t drop the Sefer Torah!

2 shlomo on 2011 01 14

Rabbi Haber,
I have a few points. 1 I believe that the proper time to say vzos hatorah is when you see the writing. 2 you dont discuss anything about gelilah on shabbos how to do it right. 3 Also I believe that you shouldnt take off the cover of the haftorah until the sefer torah is covered. Also I was wondering does the law that you cant turn down an aliyah also apply to hagba and is there an inyan to get hagaba on yomim naroim like an aliyah.
thank you

3 TorahLab on 2011 01 16

Chaim - Thank you, and yes very important not to drop the Torah.
Shlomo - thank you for your valuable points. I have updated the article to address almost all of them.

4 Moshe on 2011 07 31

To clarify Chabad custom:
1. Hagba is done after kriah nit before.
2. The magbia rolls the Torah back on the bima after finishing hag bah, but not all the way (not tight). He then sits and the golel tightens it, ties and places the cover.
3. In Chabad we follow the minhag al pi Kabbalah to try to see the letters, and we do not point with a finger.

5 Mois on 2011 11 27

The word HaZeret has the gematria of 612

6 TH on 2011 11 28

Mois - true, but we employ the כולל which allows us to add one for the word to every Gematria

7 TorahLab on 2013 10 21

I have updated the article to not make reference to the Chabad custom - I had been misinformed and you describe it perfectly here.
Thank you

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