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"Caught up in a Wave" - Comments

1 Eliezer Meshulam Roeh Ohr on 2013 10 04


Thank you Rabbi Haber for such and eye opening vort.  Rebbe Nachman, in his Torah 282, adjures us to always, every day, have a GOOD EYE. We must look at EVERYTHING and EVERYONE with a good eye in order to see Hashem’s Ratzon for ourselves.  The world and His Creations are our other leg. The leg that we have within each of us is that of emunah.  But, emunah, as you implied in your vort, is not enough.  We must also exercise chochmah to see His Will for us in every situation and in every person.

I noticed (it’s hard not to notice) that there was an image of a partially clad woman on the border of your blog page which prompted me to write this comment to let you know so you can correct it.  I don’t know how it got on your blog.  In any event,

Have a great Shabbos and an exceptional Chodesh
All the best,
Eliezer Meshulam Roeh Ohr

2 yehoshua on 2013 10 04

Netivot Shalom has some pertinent commentary on this week’s parsha.  For one thing, HaShem’s midat harachamim is on display throughout the story.  He is referred to as Yud-Kay-Vav-Kay, his attribute of mercy.  Why?  Dor Haflaga had not yet done anything wrong but they would have had HaShem not dispersed them.  And this midah of mercy was also exercised to show HaShem’s approval of the achdut that was shown, since it had not yet led to catastrophe.
Netivot Shalom also says that two Jews are better than one and a multitude is better still.  He quotes this pasuk: ner HaShem, nishmat ha-adam.  HaShem’s candle is a human-Jewish soul.  When those candles unite, torches result, lighting the path to geulah.
Shabbat Shalom.

3 Yehudit Rose on 2013 10 04

Hello Rabbi Haber,
Thank you for sharing your trenchant psycho-spiritual understandings of a story we usually relegate to an “exotic” time in the ancient world. By contextualizing the story of the Tower of Bavel into the flow of history, it becomes contemporaneous and the implications for learning its Mussar become greater. May we work towards doing so.
Good Shabbos, Yehudit

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