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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"Yisro’s Perspective" - Comments

1 Gershon Rothman on 2012 02 10

Good Shabbos!

2 Sender Haber on 2012 02 10

I received several requests for citations. I hope to do a more thorough job, but here are some basic references: Yitro was hated by his people - Rashi on Shemos 2:16; he was a judge at Mose’s trial - Yisro recused himself from the case but this was his court, Talmud Sotah, ch. 1; he made conditions on Moses marriage to Zipporah - Mechilta to Yisro.

3 Yohanon on 2013 02 01


4 Dave Levin on 2013 02 01

Beautifully written and thought provoking.

1. Does it mean anything as to why Yisro referred to Moshe’s children as “ her children” and not “your children” ?

2.  What about the request that Moshe’s first born be a priest to idolatry ?

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