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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"Why is G-D Showing me This Picture?" - Comments

1 Daniel Levy on 2008 06 06

One person’s dream is another person’s nightmare. The desire to use biofuel and save the planet is casuing starvation to people in Ethiopia due to the rising cost of grain. This is more than the refelction that the Baal Shem Tov spoke of this is a fairly direct result of our actions. Let’s act now.

2 Shmuel Greenbaum on 2009 06 05

Thanks for your insight which one of my subscribers forwarded to me.  My response is below:

When his wife was violently murdered by a suicide bomber, Shmuel Greenbaum wondered if anyone would understand his way of coping with a personal tragedy. Soon after the traumatic event, Greenbaum began a new venture—Partners in Kindness, a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching the art of kindness.

Within a few years more than 33,000 endorsers on six continents subscribed to his e-mails. His success led to hundreds of requests for the material to be reprinted, reaching an audience of more than 1.5 million readers in print and electronic media. 

Greenbaum’s first book, A Daily Dose of Kindness, represents the best of these e-mails.  The book contains diverse stories about Israel submitted from one hundred contributors. A Daily Dose of Kindness is the result of the collaboration of hundreds of volunteers and financial supporters of many different religions and nationalities. These stories of caring may bring new hope to Israel, the Middle East and the world.

Visit his websites: (Jewish) (Non-Sectarian)

3 Menachem Carroll on 2009 06 07

Okay, good idea to look at what WE are doing.  However this sounds a little like blame the victim, and the response of some victims of abuse to say, “This must be my fault, if I were better the abuse would stop.”

4 theresa on 2013 05 17

blessed shabbat. my humble opinion is that this way we cleanse ourselves more and more. we cant do it overnight, Hashem Knows that. so we are send reminders to our lives will always moving, albeit even if in small steps, a constant effort to better ourselves and not to think we are over righteous. i dont know about others, but lesson of the holy baalshemtov, has always shown me lessons to learn on self improvment. perhaps i have alot of faults, but as the baalshemtov advised elsewhere, sadness is the doorstep to sin, so we never let the weight of our mistakes or faults weigh us down.  Thank you rabbi, for another very inspiring lesson.

5 Shmuel Elbinger on 2013 05 17

I have been searching for the source of this Ba’al shemtov. I’ve found something similar in Me’or Eynayim and in Toras Ha’Balshemtov, saying that if you judge a person’s character as being wrong than look at your own traits, but I can’t find the statement the Rabbi quotes, which takes it to another level…
Anyone can help with the source?

6 Yaacov haber on 2013 05 19

שכאשר אדם רואה רע בזולתו, הרי זו הוכחה ש(דוגמת) אותו הרע נמצא בו בעצמו. וכמו אדם המביט בראי – אם פניו נקיים, אינו רואה במראה שום דופי, אבל אם הוא רואה לכלוך וכתם בראי, אין זה אלא משום שפניו מטונפין”

“מאור עיניים”, ריש פרשת חוקת. הובאו דבריו ב"לקוטי שיחות” י’, פרשת נח, וראי שיחה זו במלואה להעמקה בדברים להלן).

7 Shmuel Elbinger on 2013 05 19

I don’t think the source is clear enough that it applies to all situations, and not just times when you are judging the person… But see Sefer Notzer Chesed, 4:a, brought in Sefer Ba’al Shem Tov al HaTorah… quoted in Bereishis, in note 108, on oys 127…
Everything else on that page, from letter 125 and on and all the notes seem to be focusing on judging another Jew. That line is the only one that I found that says like you did, and I’ve only found it in your zchus! Thanks so much… I was giving up!וכשרואה איזה שמץ עברה בשום בן אדם, ידע שגם אצלו נמצא כאילו, ועושה תשובה...וכן ילמד אף מגוי בשוק כשמספר לו איזה סיפור מעשה, ואיזה ענין, יבין בנפשו שלא על חנם שומע זאת, אלא שילמד ממנו איזה הנהגה טובה או דרך טוב, וזהו איזה חכם שכבר הוא חכם הסימן הוא שלומד מכל אדם

8 Shmuel Elbinger on 2013 05 19

Oh, and I’m printing out the whole sichah… I see the Rebbi zt"l is going like you (and my desired hava aminah) from the hashgacha pratis angle, but it seems possible to learn that you just tend to see a reflection of your inner world, projecting your undesirable traits on others so you don’t have to deal with it. Looking forward to reading the whole thing. Thanks!

9 Shmuel Elbinger on 2013 05 19

בסוף המאמר ברור שסובר שהבש"ט מדבר על ראיית רע באיש ישראלי.... אבל יש הנוצר חסד

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